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Urine luck with Urine Man!!!
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At Pet Stain & Odor Cleaners, we focus on one thing: cleaning and removing pet stains and odors from carpets and upholstery. While it might seem like we are limiting ourselves by focusing solely on pet stain removal, it has allowed us to become experts in our field. The tools and products that we use are specifically designed with pet stain and odor removal in mind. This focus and pride in our ... Read more


Cute kid with her dog - Pet Stain & odor cleaners in Colorado Springs, CO
Curly kid with her puppy in carpet - Pet Stain & odor cleaners in Colorado Springs, CO
Girl smiling with her dog - Pet Stain & odor cleaners in Colorado Springs, CO
Our success at removing cat and dog urine from carpets stems from the products we use. Our carpet care experts use Nokimded cleaning solutions on your carpet. These are environmentally friendly cleaners made from Australian tea tree oil. The oil features excellent deodorizing properties that clean without the need for harsh chemicals.
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We Understand the Basics of Urine Removal

We are effective at removing animal urine because we understand the basics of how urine and carpet interact. When an animal urinates on the carpet, it has a pH of around 5 to 6, which makes it easy to remove when it's fresh. Once it dries, however, it turns alkaline, with a pH of between 10 and 12. The smell comes not only from the urine but also from the bacteria that flourishes in it.
To effectively remove urine from carpets, you have to remove the urine crystals that form when it dries. These crystals absorb moisture in the heat, which is why you can smell the odor more prominently during hot or humid days. Our carpet experts are trained to remove these crystals. This leaves your carpet fresh and bacteria-free.
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